HP’s `Omen 16` diamond

HP's `Omen 16` diamond 1

HP Omen 16 is one of the leaders in the trend of `business laptops, suitable for all types of games`, or jokingly, Omen has the appearance of an elegant gentleman but possesses the strength of a warrior.

High-end design, affirming position

It can be seen that the HP Omen 16 still has many similarities with version 15, with a unique square and angular design.

Take configuration to a new level

Whether i5 or i7, the 11th generation Intel Core chip line always brings strong processing speed and other advantages such as: high-speed Wi-fi 6 connection, fast charging,… combined with RTX graphics card.

HP's `Omen 16` diamond

16GB RAM Bus 3200Mhz, 1TB SSD memory helps you `save the world` at high speed.

In addition, the `merger` of HyperX into the HP Gaming ecosystem, the combo `OMEN combined with HyperX` is enough to make any gamer `fall in love`.

Top-notch screen for an `immersive` feeling

16.1 inches wide and thin bezel design makes Omen 16 look extremely compact but still has enough spacious screen space for you to work comfortably.

In addition, if you need to do graphic design or content creation, 100% sRGB color coverage and Delta-E color deviation of only 0.92 will be great indicators that you can hardly find on other laptops.

HP's `Omen 16` diamond

Improve working efficiency with keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is spaciously designed, has good typing feel and bounce, unique RGB LEDs and a very large touchpad help improve working speed, especially in low light conditions.

Heat dissipation ability – please `refuse` the phenomenon of overheating

The heat dissipation ability on the HP Omen 16 is improved with a 2.5 times thinner fan blade design that helps bring more blades than its predecessor Omen 15. Omen Tempest heat dissipation technology with 3-sided ventilation system and

HP's `Omen 16` diamond

Many other outstanding features

OMEN Gaming Hub is one of the great features of the Omen series, the application offers extreme customization capabilities.

Diverse connection ports with 2 super-fast USB Type-A ports with data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, Thunderbolt 3, LAN RJ45, SD, HDMI, Mini Displayport.

The Bang and Olufsen branded sound system does not disappoint with its clear highs and clear bass.

HP's `Omen 16` diamond

Is HP Omen 16 wasting money?

Overall, HP Omen 16 has made improvements compared to its `predecessor` Omen 15, which was already perfect.

If you ask: Is HP’s Omen laptop line expensive?

HP Omen 16 laptop products are currently distributed by Synnex FPT through a nationwide dealer system.

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