Upgrade your gaming experience with the latest TV line from Samsung

Upgrade your gaming experience with the latest TV line from Samsung 6

That experience is also raised to a new level with TV thanks to the combination of advanced software and hardware, reproducing images and sound accurately, exactly as the manufacturers intended.

Honored at the CES Innovation Awards for Gaming TVs since 2018, Samsung has maintained its position as a leading TV manufacturer, delivering ultimate performance for professional gamers to win, and experience.

This year, Samsung announced Neo QLED as the official technology partner for Global Esports Games in Singapore – the Global Esports Federation’s flagship gaming event and one of the most prestigious gaming tournaments globally.

At this event, Samsung showcased award-winning gaming monitors, most notably the flagship Neo QLED QN90 TV, one of Samsung’s best gaming performance TVs.

Whether you’re a veteran gamer spending hours practicing Call of Duty: Vanguard or a car enthusiast exploring four-season scenery on Forza Horizon 5, learn more about how to elevate your gameplay experience

For professional gamers looking for the ultimate gaming experience

One of Samsung’s gaming TV masterpieces – the Neo QLED QN90A TV is equipped with leading Quantum Matrix Technology – the pinnacle of super-fine brightness control.

Few people know that human eyes can see 10 million different colors.

Additionally, the Neo QLED QN90A is one of the first TVs to support AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro Technology.

With sizes ranging from 55 inches and up, users enjoy an immersive gaming experience with Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+) technology with built-in speakers in the display that create vivid sound for every action at all times.

For avid gamers looking for an affordable gaming TV

Upgrade your gaming experience with the latest TV line from Samsung

If you are a gamer who likes to enjoy the advanced features of the QN90A at a more accessible price, the QLED Q70A is the product for you.

Despite its lower price, the QLED Q70A is still equipped with many features on the super product QN90A Neo QLED, such as Motion Xcelerator Turbo+.

Other features of the Neo QLED QN90A that are also shared on this TV include the Quantum Processor 4K – a powerful processor that optimizes picture quality to enhance content and the FreeSync Premium Pro feature

For recreational gamers looking for a new experience

Upgrade your gaming experience with the latest TV line from Samsung

If users are gaming solely for entertainment purposes – like enjoying a match of FIFA 22 with friends and family on a Saturday afternoon, for example, then the Crystal UHD AU9000 might be worth considering.

Although the most accessible of the above TVs, the Crystal UHD AU9000 still has top-notch elements with features similar to the innovations equipped on flagship products.

Upgrade your gaming experience with the latest TV line from Samsung

First of all, the TV is equipped with a Crystal Processor 4K chip, which helps analyze each low-resolution video scene in detail, then adjusts colors, enhances contrast and HDR.

Meanwhile, similar to the OTS+ feature found in leading TV products, the OTS lite feature on the AU9000 delivers 3D surround sound enabled by two virtual top channel speakers created through algorithms.

A plus point of this TV is the Multi View feature that allows you to watch content on multiple channels at the same time – allowing you to watch a FIFA22 match or two during half-time of a blockbuster football match.

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