Why does the Flex trend make netizens `crazy`?

Why does the Flex trend make netizens `crazy`? 1

The `flex` trend is being enthusiastically responded to by Vietnamese youth.

`Flex` is one of the English slang words that is frequently used by young people and especially rap fans on social networks.

In addition to the question `What is Flex?`, perhaps many people are still wondering why the Flex trend has become a hot trend.

`Flex` has spread in the rap world as many famous rappers use the word in their songs.

In Vietnam, the flex trend also started with rappers using this word in their songs.

Flex became even more popular with the posts of an influential journalist on social networks.

The development of the flex movement comes from the need for each individual to do something special or have something different that they want to show off for everyone to see.

Participating in this trend are not only international students, famous singers and artists, but also athletes, masters, and PhDs working abroad.

Why does the Flex trend make netizens `crazy`?

Almost everyone can brag and show off regardless of topics such as: Achievements, unique talents, meeting idols, taking photos with celebrities, billions in bank accounts, great academic achievements

Besides being humorous, posts about `flex` also attract attention for their `extremely harsh` and funny and witty responses in the comments section.

Many people believe that, viewed from a positive perspective, this trend will motivate young people to strive, study, and train to be like `people’s children`.

Why does the Flex trend make netizens `crazy`?

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