Is your PC too slow?

Is your PC too slow? 0

CPU and Mainboard

Regarding the components in a computer set, it can be said that the CPU and Mainboard duo are the brain and skeleton for the entire system.

Is your PC too slow?

Upgrading to a new generation CPU brings many benefits in terms of performance and power usage.

Upgrading a more powerful CPU of the same generation is guaranteed to bring breakthrough performance to the system, especially in tasks requiring high processing speed such as exporting media content.


Increasing RAM capacity is the easiest way to speed up your computer, without a doubt!

In terms of performance, in most cases, the system appears sluggish if you run multiple tasks at the same time, which is when RAM is consumed the most.

Is your PC too slow?

At the present time, 8GB of RAM is quite enough for an average configuration.

But don’t feel sorry if you can afford to increase that number to 16GB or 32GB. Even though it’s not much, the `extra` amount of RAM will help your computer stay cooler and consume less electricity.

Graphics card

Unlike RAM, VGA usually does not have certain limitations, it depends on the needs of the user, most of whom are gamers.

Is your PC too slow?

When a new game is released, you can’t even play the game with the lowest graphics settings, that’s when you need to upgrade the Graphics Card.

If you want to replace your current VGA with a more powerful VGA, make sure your CPU is strong enough to `balance` the new card.

Hard Drive

Are you using HDD?

SSD probably immediately answers the question of the title of this article.

Conventional HDDs with a rotation speed of about 5400 – 7200 revolutions per minute, deliver read / write speeds equivalent to about 100 – 150MBps, while SSDs have speeds up to 500MBps.

Is your PC too slow?

In all cases, whether your system is old or new, as long as the mainboard supports SATA 2 or 3 standard, don’t think and buy an SSD immediately when possible.


Although it is an extremely important component, playing the role of the ‘heart’, providing all the energy for the computer to operate, the power supply unit (PSU) is still quite obscure among gamers.

Please carefully refer to the types of sources on the market, do your own research or ask experienced people to choose the most suitable sources for yourself.

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