The complete version of ‘Avatar 3’ will have a duration of 9 hours

The complete version of 'Avatar 3' will have a duration of 9 hours 2

While Avatar: The Way of Water was only released 2 weeks ago, director James Cameron and the production team at 20th Century Studios are already busy preparing for Avatar 3, with the expected title being Avatar:

According to some reports, these two blockbusters were filmed in parallel during the past time.

Director James Cameron wants to handle special effects for the entire 9-hour duration of Avatar 3 – Photo: FandomWire

This is a new secret revealed by film critic Jeff Sneider on the podcast The Hot Mic.

`Inside sources told me that Cameron just submitted the film version of Avatar 3 (to 20th Century Studios) last week,` Sneider shared.

James Cameron has done the unthinkable with the Avatar movies, and it’s clear that the third film is no exception.

First, there are few audiences who have enough patience, and even the health, to sit still in the theater and continuously watch a movie of such `huge` length.

The complete version of 'Avatar 3' will have a duration of 9 hours

9 hours is not an ideal length for cinematographic works, and perhaps Avatar is no exception – Photo: 20th Century Studios

However, with an experienced and broad-minded director like James Cameron, perhaps he also has his own considerations for his own decisions.

He believes that the theatrical version will be shorter, with a duration of 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

In addition, if all of Avatar 3’s scenes have been digitally processed, then in the future, Cameron can release the `director’s cut` version at any time he wants.

Besides, this will also somewhat support the next two Avatar movies, with the expected names Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.

The complete version of 'Avatar 3' will have a duration of 9 hours

Director James Cameron probably also has his own plans for his somewhat `crazy` ambition – Photo: 20th Century Studios

After all, James Cameron has many reasons to continue creating unimaginable things with his `darling` film series, especially after the success that the first two parts achieved.

While Avatar is currently the most popular movie of all time, Avatar: The Way of Water is also `making waves` in theaters around the world.


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